Rapee (Rapé) pronounced “rah-pay” or “ha-pay”  is a traditional snuff made from powdered tobacco and/or dried herbs and ashes from the rainforest. A small amount is blown through a pipe called a Tepi into the nose of the receiver with a prayer.

As a master plant and grandfather spirit, tobacco has been used sacredly for thousands of years. In combination with the ashes of other plants, the medicine clears the sinuses, moves through the lymphs, and begins a detox process. Energetically, Rapé has protective, grounding, and clearing properties. It works on the chakras to remove energetic blockages and activates the pineal gland.

Rapé is often used before or in combination with other plant medicines to bring focus and calmness before ceremony. Otherwise, it may be used before meditation to strengthen intention-setting and clear one’s energetic field.

An addition to basic Rapé blends may be a small amount of Yopo, a seed found in the Caribbean and South America, containing DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, and Bufotenin. It has been used for thousands of years by many cultures for spiritual connection.