KATHARSIS (from the Greek: cleansing) – freeing from suffering, releasing blocked tension, suppressed emotions, restrained thoughts and ideas.  PSYCHODELIC EXPERIENCES (from the Greek psyche – mind, soul, Greek delos – reveal, reveal).

Inner purifications through mind-revealing experiences, insight into the soul.  Aristotle is considered the creator of the catharsis concept. He described the catharsis experienced by actors and viewers simultaneously, following the end of performances on ancient stages. The philosopher even stated that the purpose of art is to arouse strong feelings for the viewer, which would then clear his mind and heart of these sensations. First of all, psychological complexes are released, which disorganized ego functions and disturbed consciousness.  Katharsis as an idea of renewal, purification and experience of the breakthrough moment of her life, perfectly fits the description of psychedelic experiences. This therapy is based on the foundations of modern science, and at the same time we find its roots at the dawn of humanity from the original tribes to the Eleusian mysteries of ancient Greece.

OUR MISSION: – reliable education in the field of deep internal experiences, – work with psychedelic experiences (especially preparation for them and their integration), – supporting various effective, classic and “alternative” forms of work with mind and body.